Draizys Subway Goonz

Draizys Subway Goonz


Draizy’s Subways Goonz is a re-imagination of classic monsters living and interacting in with their surroundings in New York. From “The Goon from the Black Lagoon” to The “Washington Heights Werewolf”. These monsters could live down the block from you!

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Draizys Subway Goonz

When I was 4 years old my aunt’s Husband (then Boyfriend) rented out “the Nightmare Before Christmas” for my cousin and I. I can’t explain it but I always knew that I had to be an artist and Seeing that movie solidified that thought. But growing up in the South Bronx those dreams seemed so far away. It’s hard to see the magic in life when you’re surrounded by barbed wire fences and there’s dog poop on every corner. Thankfully i’m hard headed and use my environment as inspiration now. This zine is to show that magic not only exists in London or a quiet Suburb, it’s here in the hood too. From the streets of the South Bronx to the train tracks of Canarsie. This World is Full of Magic. - Daisy AKA Draizy